School photos

Photos Needed for Yearbook
School Photos

GVH Yearbook Photography

Please help us get photos for the yearbook!

ANY CAMERA WILL WORK! You don't need to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment - especially with the phone cameras these days!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.
After taking photos, there are several options for getting the photos to the team:

1. Follow this link to upload to the ReplayIt website.; Create a log in; hit Submit Pics on the top left; Click Select My Images, Load photos from your computer; click Start Upload; After it loads, click ADD TAGS and select the appropriate Category from the pop up list on the left, Click Save.

2. Download the ReplayIt app from the App store to load photos directly from your phone.
touch the screen picture to get to the photo stream; choose Take Photo from the icons at the bottom. This will open your camera roll, select the pictures, hit next, choose general Category (Clubs/Events/etc); hit Upload and done!

3. Shoot an email to and request access to the DropBox shared folder. You can upload photos there, please put your pictures in a folder with the event/club/etc. name on it.

Thank you! We appreciate your help!
The Yearbook Team